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Print a Calendar and Keep Your Brand in Front All Year

Given that it’s incredibly easy to print a calendar accurately and to your own specs, calendar printing is one thing every small business and nonprofit should do. Calendars aren’t just sought-after giveaways, they can also make you the center of attention, all year round. Unlike many other promotional items, most people consult a calendar every day. A branded custom calendar can make an untold number of impressions and brand recognition every day throughout the course of a year. What other giveaway can claim that?

Wall calendars are bound with Wire-O or saddle-stitching and display each month on a separate page, making them great for planning and for clearly displaying events. Tearing a page off as the months pass means wall calendars give you a feeling of satisfaction and completion too.

Poster calendars have all months on one page and can double as decoration for your home or workplace. This format is especially popular for photo calendars or visual design showcases. Some people even collect poster calendars solely for the designs, keeping them displayed even when the year’s over. This means a well-designed poster calendar can potentially make impressions for more than a year.

Magnetic calendars are left up on fridges, lockers, or filing cabinets, places we frequently check in the course of a day. What better way to keep your brand in front of your customers? Popular uses are: restaurant delivery, dentists, plumbers, locksmiths, and other service-oriented businesses.

Card calendars are an excellent alternative to business cards. They can fit neatly in wallets for future reference and are alternatives to desk calendars.

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