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The Cooperative

PRINTING.COOP is a worker cooperative present in the market of graphic arts . People who work in this cooperative are almost entirely company members, and that means that human capital is the owner of the company, we the workers are our own bosses.
Think about it. The boss is the one who works and owns his work, therefore is the owner of its success. This is one of the main differentiating factors from other companies in the Canada market. Cooperatives are made up by people who not only produce, but also take part on the decision processes that rule the company.
Which do you think will be the degree of involvement of these people with respect to their clients?
PRINTING.COOP, as an online printing company specializing in the printing of magazines, catalogs, books, calendars, brochures, flyers, etc ..., shapes its cooperative principles and puts them to the test every day, because every day we face the challenge of meeting the expectations of new customers entering into our work system.
Think about it again. Don't you think the best place to put your trust on a printer is a place where the workers not only strive to make a living but also put their reputation on stake?
Being cooperative is an added value to the services we offer. We do believe it.

We are producers.
PRINTING.COOP, owns almost all the infrastructure and equipment needed to print magazines, catalogs, books, calendars, brochures, flyers, etc ..., everything related to the graphic product. We say “almost all” because there are a few finishing processes that we outsource, because it is difficult to "have it all".
This means that the work you may order, we will print it in our own facilities.
Think about it again. Your order depends ONLY on’s human and logistical capital. We are not a broker who charges a commission and then takes the work to print it elsewhere (to a real printer).
As we have the ability to produce, prices are adjusted to the reality of our cooperative, we do not charge commissions or anything like it, only our margin value.
Besides, we have the power to reach the deadlines foreseen and agreed with you: As we have the machinery, our deadlines are based on our own reality, because we almost do not depend on anyone else.
Think again. If we have machines to produce and those who use them are cooperativists, ie, members and company owners... how do you think we're going to reciprocate to your trust when you place your order?
For us BEING PRODUCERS and BEING A COOPERATIVE are differentiating factors when it comes to working and getting quality and service.

We are Online Printers
This is the third aspect of our current service. As could not be otherwise, being Online Printers allows us to reach you, our customer, more easily, and now for you is easier to get info on price of your eventual investments on graphic products.
Moreover, in order to become an online printing company, we've had to shape up on many domestic issues, the result being more advantageous prices to all of you, our customers.
Entering this "scene" of online sales, we have not wanted to do it with the traditional values that have brought us here. No. We have wanted to be a leading cooperative on R & D and technology, and we believe we are on track ; I detail below why we say this:
1. We have standardized all our raw materials.
And what's in it for me as a customer?
Well, we do not overcharge our prices because there are no heavy stocks nor complex supply processes either. We lower the prices because by reducing and standardizing we've managed to reduce our costs.
2. We have simplified the bureaucratic process in the management of your order.
Now you can place your order quickly and regardless of us (although if you need us here we are).
You can make your combinations of prices, items, and as a result get pricing information almost instantly.
3. We have automated the production processes.

And how does it affect me as a customer?
It is a cost savings for us, which we will move on to you in the final price. We can't work miracles, cooperatives are in fact companies that have a structure that "weighs", it is here that plays a very important role to be cooperative: it is easier to change, evolve and reduce costs in order to get competitive prices.
We have achieved all this without any redundancy plans nor playing with workers and members, only with our inventiveness and our ability to change.
Therefore, being an online printing company is very important for us because it means DEVELOPMENT and PROGRESS, which a er all ends up benefitting you, our customers.
We are an online printing company specializing in the printing of magazines, catalogs and books
Printing magazines is our day to day work. We serve both large as well as short runs, maintaining the same quality be it to print 100 magazines or 100,000. The same applies to printing of catalogs: we specialize in full colour and black & white industrial catalogs, magazines for cultural associa ons, founda ons and small businesses; high-contrast reproduc on of product images, using in each case the appropriate paper stock depending on the goals pursued. We understand the requirements of this kind of graphic product, so we put our knowledge at your disposal through our online print shop, where ge ng the catalog you need at the best price is quick and easy.
Furthermore, we specialize in printing books of all kinds, cultural books, educational books, novels, ..., and thanks to digital printing technology we can do small runs at a great price, so we help the editor in the project's success. Today we all know that the only way to discover the degree of acceptance of a book on the market is to put it into test, and testing requires printing a few copies, pu ng them on the market and see how good they sell; Well, we have the technology to produce short runs, so prices suit to customer needs.
In addition, no ma er where you have to send your print magazines, or your corporate catalogs, or your books. As a part of our standardized and automated online printing system, we offer the shipment and transporta on service throughout Canada with adequate logis cs and also well-priced.
Within the online op ons for printing magazines, catalogs and books, we have included the standard raw materials available in the market, according to our experience of over 25 years in our field. But if what you need is not among these op ons, do not hesitate: drop us a message using our Customized Quota on form and we'll give you the price for your project as soon as possible.
Today, with new technologies, distance is no longer a problem, neither is the me needed to get a good price for online printing.
Give our services a try and see for yourself

Our Cooperative Principles
1. Interest of the cooperative is more important than individual interests of members.
2. Job creation over other aspects.
3. The men – women parity in all areas of responsibility.
4. The self-management in all possible areas.
5. Permanent reinvestment in technology to be leaders in the sector.
6. Capitaliza on of surplus to strengthen the Cooperative and resourcing.
7. Minimum wage differences.
8. We encourage and value the involvement, responsibility and continuous improvement.
9. We encourage participation and presentation of ideas.
10. We provide contract workers the chance to become partner members, promoting a cooperative spirit as a social goal.
From conception and design to logis cs, everything is integrated in our facilities
Find all the printing products you may need, from business cards to the most innovative catalog.
We own the required machinery to make your product offering the highest quality within right deadlines.
Why PRINTING.COOP Online Printing?
PRINTING.COOP Online Printing is a response to a problem that we have been observing in recent years in the sector. The demand for lower production costs, coupled with an increasingly fast and efficient service from our customers has led us to create this online store and to make a major internal transformation process in order to go ahead offering the best service without lowering quality of our products.
As an online printing company, offers:

We are specialized in small and medium format online printing, using offset or digital technology. Here you won't find rubber stamps or vehicle wraps. Instead, you'll find: Flyers, Brochures, Magazines, corporate stationery ... up to more than 40 basic graphics products. In short, graphics products printed on paper, aimed at maximizing the return on the advertising investment of your company or your clients, with all the flexibility and reliability provided by current digital and offset printing technologies.
With you'll get prices immediately, no waiting. The price calcula on is done instantly, right a er choosing the specs. Once you decide to make a purchase, the process is simple and straigh orward. After just a few clicks, we'll be working on your print order and within hours you'll receive your product at the point of delivery.
We are a cheap online printing company: We have at your disposal the most advanced prinng equipment available on the market which, together with the standardiza on of our products allows us to offer highly compe ve prices. And last (but not least) ...
Quality is the result of experience, the passion we put into our work and the resources allocated in support of this project. Although we are young as online printers, the team members have extensive experience in the field of Graphic Arts. The state-of-the art digital and printing machinery, in the hands of experts who are passionate about their work, ensures optimal results in the produc on and logiscs of your orders.
We are a Cooperative · We are Producers · We are Online Printers

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