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Business cards: a living piece of printing history

Affiares cards are widely used in the workplace in order to leave his contact information to someone who can be beneficial professionally. Indispensable tool for good communication, the business card is more than a transmission of coordinates, it is a reflection of your company and remains the link between you and your customers.
When you’re meeting prospective clients or business partners for the first time, breaking the ice and making a good impression is crucial. And despite the fact that we now live in a digital age, there is nothing quite like a tradition from the 17th century when it comes to representing your company: yes, business cards remain a key item of promotional material. First developed in the upper echelons of French society in the 1600s as a way for aristocrats to announce visits and introduce themselves to the Royal Family in an adequate fashion, “calling cards” were left at the court of the Sun King, Louis XIV, if the demi-god himself was not there to receive visitors. Larger than today’s business cards, these sheets were often used to leave short messages, too. In the course of the 19th century, the middle classes also began to use calling cards as a way of showing their status, profession, and pedigree; the mini-format printed cards were often elaborately embellished with ornamental designs, coats of arms, and such like. As industrial development really took a hold around 1900, businessmen and entrepreneurs increasingly found themselves needing to exchange contact details, and the calling cards of yore had finally become the business cards of today, providing information about the person handing them out – and offering them a space for self-promotion, too!

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